Frugal fru·gal \ˈfrü-gəl\ adjective :  economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful (synonyms: thrifty)

Bon Vivant bon vi·vant \ˌbän-vē-ˈvänt\ noun :  a person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink. (synonyms: epicurean, foodie, libertine, connoisseur)

Frugal Bon Vivant helps mamas enjoy the good life — on a budget.

Sometimes that means finding a deal and sometimes that means finding a creative way to do something and a splurge later. Adventures in momlife – traveling with toddlers, believer in outdoors everyday, play is learning, DIY and minimalist-ish, Montessori-ish at home, and spreadsheets… always.

On the blog you’ll find our latest motherhood tips, how-tos, DIY and ideas, reviews, and some deals still, on occasion.

We started the Frugal Bon Vivant in 2009 to share shopping deals and our bon vivant approach to frugal living! We’ve always been suckers for a deal – enjoy cruising for discounts online, endlessly researching the best products to buy and making a house a home. When we’re not blogging, we can be found momming, enjoying the great outdoors, dreaming about our next trip, drinking massive cups of coffee, and creating extensive lists… among a few other things.

Comments, questions? Ask away!

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