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Best Balance Board for Toddlers: Wobbel, Kinder, Waldorf & Budget

Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Wooden balance boards are a popular open ended toy for toddlers and young kids. Heralded as promoting balance and creativity – these curvy pieces of wood are super fun for open-ended and imaginative play. And fun for the whole family. There are a few different brands and options, so here’s a round up of wooden balance boards and one non-wood option thrown in for comparison. Compare the best balance board for toddlers & young kids: wobbel vs kinderfeets vs waldorf rocker vs teeter popper and more budget options.

Our #1 and #2 Quick Picks:

Kinderboard balance board
Best Wooden Balance Board Pick: Kinderfeets Kinderboard. The best value of the wooden boards. Great for older toddlers and kids. Amazon $98
Teeter popper
Best Budget Balance Board Alternative Pick: Fat Brain Teeter Popper. Great value and our top pick for younger toddlers. Fat Brain $45, Amazon $47

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram – the bent and light-hued wood of a wobble balance board. No doubt usually custom and handmade in Germany or Belgium. These boards can be many different things, but of those families we know who own them, they are mainly used as the balancing board/see-saw – either sitting or standing and rocking back and forth playing in. Or they’re used as a bridge/tunnel for other play – cars/animals, forts etc. Let’s be honest, calling it a slide or a balance beam is a bit of a stretch. Yes, it’s possible to be a very short slide and many kids will use it as one (harder to slide with a felt backing though), but so could some other random toys and furniture items in your house. :) Overall, they’re a great Montessori style open-ended toy for indoor activity – especially for long winters! This post should help you find the best balance board for your situation.

Best Balance Board for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Kinderfeets Kinderboard$9832″11.6″7″8.8 pounds485 pounds
Wobbel Board$14935.4″11.8″9.9 pounds440 pounds
Waldorf Rocker$14834″12″7″7 pounds200 pounds
Bunny Hopkins rainbow board$12023″12″3″350 pounds
Amazon boards (HAJACK, Mallify)$5935″11.8″6″6 pounds485 pounds
Fat Brain Teeter Popper (plastic)$4828″11.5″7.5″2.5 pounds110 pounds
Best Balance Boards for Toddlers, and young kids

Kinderfeets Balance Board: Kinderboard

The Kinderfeets balance board is a great value – considering both price and quality. Almost half the price of the Wobbel boards, Kinderboard is lighter and a great option if you want more than the Teeter Popper, but not ready to invest in a Wobbel. It’s made of FSC European beech plywood. Dimensions: Approx. 32″ x 11.625″ x 7″. Purchase in US: Amazon ($98).

Kinderfeets kinderboard for toddlers


  • Look: one of those beautiful wooden toys you won’t mind having out in the living room
  • Price: $98 – a great value and the most affordable of wooden rocker boards
  • Weight capacity – 485 pounds (.59″ board thickness)
  • Additional colors from $99 – rose, mustard, chalkboard paint, sage, black and more.


  • Weight – 8.8 pounds
  • Doesn’t have felt backing option – use on carpet or rugs as it will scratch hardwood floors and some other surfaces.
  • Better for older toddlers and older children or solo use – easy to squish fingers and bare feet while rocking for young toddlers!

Teeter Popper – Fat Brain Toys

Here’s the deal, the wooden boards are awesome. If we received one as a gift from a well-meaning relative we’d be delighted. However, as a play tool I can’t justify spending almost $200 on a curved piece of wood that will sit in the house and undoubtedly just be used a bench for stuffed animals or an adorable car tunnel most of the time. I appreciate that it’s handmade and obviously very high quality. I would rather be spending some of that time encouraging my child to get into the real out-of-doors. That said, it’s nice to have some indoor “gross motor skills” play things. For now, we have the Teeter Popper and love it.

The Teeter Popper is made of durable plastic. We try to reduce plastic toy purchases, but there are just some toys that plastic is a really great use for – and this is one we’ll be passing on to friends later! Fat Brain Toys makes some really inventive and budget-friendly toys. The underside of the Teeter Popper has silicon suction cups that “pop” as they rock – which helps keep younger kids more stable as well. And great for sensory play too. Dimensions: 28″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″. Amazon ($45).

fat brain toys alternative balance board


  • Affordable price – $45
  • Toddler-approved as non fingers/toes squishing
  • Won’t scratch hardwood floors or surfaces
  • Lightweight – 2.5 pounds
  • Popping fun – kids love it. And great for super active kids to burn off energy.


  • Weight limit – 110 pounds max so not for adult use
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as a wooden board, to just have sitting in your living room – but available in blue, green, or pink
  • Noise – if popping sounds bother you, use it on carpet or rugs

Wobbel Board “The Original”

The “Original” Wobbel balance board is made of pressed FSC European beech wood, and has a translucent lacquer. Dimensions: Approx. 35.4″ x 11.8″ (90 x 30 cm) and is a bit thicker, good quality, and slightly more curved than the other boards. Purchase in US from The Wooden Wagon ($149), EU from Wobbel (79 euros). This is one of the original and most popular balance boards!

Wobbel balance board


  • Look: a beautiful wooden Montessori toy you won’t mind having out in the living room
  • With $40 upgrade felt backing anti-scratch pads – won’t scratch hardwood floors or surfaces
  • Weight capacity – 440 pounds


  • Price: $149 ($189 with felt backing)
  • Weight – 9.9 pounds
  • Better for older toddlers or solo use – easy to squish fingers and toes while rocking for young toddlers!

Waldorf Rocker Board

The Waldorf Wooden Rocker board is very similar to the Wobbel. It’s made of layered Canadian Maple plywood by Curvy Board. They also have different colors like blue and orange. Dimensions: Approx. 34″ x 12″ x 7″. Purchase in US from Bella Luna Toys ($159).

waldorf balance board for preschoolers and kids


  • Look: a beautiful wooden toy you won’t mind having out in the living room
  • Color options – Ocean blue, coral red, moss green, natural, honey oak, walnut
  • Weight capacity – 200 pounds


  • Price: $159
  • Weight – 7 pounds
  • Doesn’t have felt backing option – use on carpet or rugs as it will scratch hardwood floors and some other surfaces.
  • Better for older toddlers or solo use – easy to squish fingers and toes while rocking for young toddlers, but at least it’s a little lighter than the wobbel.

Bunny Hopkins Rainbow Board on Etsy

The rainbow board from Bunny Hopkins is very similar to other boards offered on Etsy and Amazon, but with extra colorful flare. The boards are handmade from American maple and made in the USA. The color options and two sizes are what make the Bunny Hopkins boards unique. Purchase on Etsy ($62-161).


  • Look: while they also make solid wood colors and finishes, the rainbow board is so fun!
  • Color options – unfinished, oak, maple, red oak, diversity, and rainbow.
  • Two sizes – Bunny Hopkins makes 2 sizes a starter toddler and regular size!
  • Weight capacity – 450 pounds


  • Price: $62-161 (unfinished starter vs regular rainbow)
  • Weight – unknown
  • Doesn’t have felt backing option – use on carpet or rugs as it will scratch hardwood floors and some other surfaces.

Amazon Balance Boards

There are currently several dozen wooden balance boards for toddlers showing up on Amazon. I’m grouping them under the same category, because they are very similar in size, shape, unknown wood origin and more. Some of these brands may be using the same board under different names, and others just might be new to the market. For example: HAJACK $59, Mallify $56, Funny Supply ($56), Gentle Monster ($60) and tons more. While they have overal good reviews so far, they’re still fairly new and unknown quality for long term. They seem like a steal, but YMMV.

DIY Wobble Board

There are a few DIY wobble board examples that I found on Pinterest and Youtube. Check out my indoor play board for ideas on how to make a DIY wobble board or skateboard style kids balance board. We ultimately decided making one wasn’t in our skill set or current tools and supplies budget! But if you already do a lot of wood working and have the tools, there are some pretty cool ideas.

And there you have it! Four of the best balance boards for toddlers and preschoolers. No matter which board you choose, this is an excellent toy for toddlers to increase their sense of balance, use their core muscles, and have fun! And beyond body awareness, our balance board also ends up being used for all kinds of creative play and pretend. I love seeing the different ways our preschooler uses it.

Tip: the stock levels seem to fluctuate pretty drastically for most of these boards. So if it’s out of stock, check back the next week or check their social channels for info. And if you’re planning to get it as a birthday or Christmas gift, plan ahead. Hopefully, this will help you find the best balance board for your family! Interested in toys? Check out my post on the Best Indoor Slides for Toddlers and the Best Indoor Active Toys for Kids, and Open-Ended Toys by Age.

Have you tried a toddler balance board for your kids yet?

Best Balance Boards for Kids & Preschoolers - kinderboard, wobbel, waldorf, Teeter Popper

Originally published in February 2020, updated November 2023.

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