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Oru Kayak Promo Code: $100 Off Coupon Sale

Last Updated: April 3, 2022

I purchased an Oru Kayak last year, and I’m still blown away by how easy it is. The first set up was a bit slow, but gets faster each time. And after my second year using it, I don’t even think about the setup now. The Oru Inlet is only 20 pounds and super manageable to carry solo with your gear. And I wish I had known about this Oru Kayak promo code! Oru has also recently launched a new color to their line up – black! And with the new 18 pound Lake model, you can now get an Oru for $499!

Oru Kayak Promo Code – KICKSTARTER for $100 off standard kayaks.

Inlet package including: Inlet kayak, pack, paddle, solar lights, backpack, water bottle, shoulder strap, $1183 instead of $1413. The Inlet alone is $899.

Recent Oru Kayak Coupon Codes:

  • INLETLOVE $75 off Inlet, BEACHLOVE $100 off Beach, BAYLOVE $150 off Bay, COASTLOVE $250 off Coast XT, HAVENLOVE $250 off Haven TT ends Feb 14, 2022.
  • HOLIDAY100 – $100 off Inlet
  • HOLIDAY125 – $125 off Beach & Bay
  • HOLIDAY175 – $175 off Coast & Haven
  • HOLIDAYGEAR – 20% off accessories
  • HOLIDAY – Get 12% off sitewide.
  • HALLOWEEN100 – $100 off the Inlet
  • HALLOWEEN125 – $125 off the Beach LT or Bay ST
  • HALLOWEEN175 – $175 off the Coast XT or Haven TT
  • FBV – 10% Off your order of $1,000+

Why I chose the Oru Kayak Inlet: Update: here’s my full review of the Oru Kayak. I waited too long, summer of 2020 to buy a kayak. It was mid-June by the time I started seriously looking. And pretty much every local shop was out of affordable kayaks in the $300 range. So ordering online or bumping up my budget, I decided that a $650 hardtop kayak was my best bet and better in the long run to get a quality kayak instead of the dirt cheapest. Add on the $200 roof rack for my car, and we’re sitting at $850. This is when I took a second look at the Orus and realized they had released a new cheaper kayak. And if I had known about the 10% off friend promo code, I could have gotten my kayak for $809 instead of $899! Boo!

Oru Kayaks Comparison

Oru Kayaks started out pretty spendy as a foldable kayak Kickstarter. The most popular and affordable one was $1200. Until this year, when they came out with the $899 Inlet Kayak.

Oru Kayaks comparison

So check out the Oru and my “friend” coupon code for 10% off [FBV]. And just in case you’re forgetting what all you’ll need. Here’s the “buying a kayak” gear list & what I got:

If you’re wanting to get the 10% off from Oru, buying the Inlet, to get over $1,000, you could also buy your paddle and PFD from them, which would put you at $1088, after 10% Oru Kayak discount code would be $979.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Oru! Good luck on your kayak search!

October 2021 Update: Oru Kayak has joined forces with ISLE SUP, and Solo Stoves!

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