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Primary Promo Code: Black Friday Sale 2021 with 30% Off Puffers

Last Updated: November 25, 2021 makes amazing simple clothes for kids. Their tagline is: No labels, no slogans. Just super soft, sustainable, simpler clothes that your kids will love. And it’s true! Sometimes you just need some simple clothes and their color offerings are unbeatable! Signing up for their email newsletter is the best way to find out about new Primary promo code and sales. So here are the latest coupon codes and Black Friday sale info!

Latest Coupon Code: 30% off Puffers Black Friday Sale – no code & free shipping for a year!

Primary puffer jackets

Other recent Promo codes:

  • Black Friday Sale – shop Nov 25-29 and get free shipping for a year.
  • 30% off Puffer jackets – puffer vests and jackets from $26!
  • 40% Off Holiday PJs and other cozy favorites!

Primary Kids Gear & Clothing

Primary makes great neutral kids clothing and gear. If you’re looking for high quality clothes for babies, toddlers, and kids has it! They skip the cutesy designs and stick to a wide color palette – beyond just the primary colors. ;) Great for if you really need a specific color for your kiddo. And their puff jackets are great quality and some of our favorite kids winter gear.

I also made a banana Halloween costume one year out of their yellow sweatpants and hoodie set. Which was great to actually be able to reuse all winter!

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