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Hipcamp Promo Code: $10 Off a Camping Trip

Have you heard of Hipcamp? It’s like Airbnb for camping! Here’s a Hipcamp promo code for $10 off your first trip. The idea is that you’re camping on private land at a hip camp site, thus the “hipcamp”. So if you have land, you can list it on Hipcamp and be a host. If you just want to camp without being at a packed campground – you can book a private campground!

Hipcamp Promo Code – Get $10 off your first camping trip with code: FBV

Hipcamp has been around for about six years, but they seem to really have taken off this year – in the season of COVID. We’re all looking to get outside and do a bit of travel this summer. Hipcamp is a way to do that a bit more responsibly. And an extra bonus if you’re not into tent camping, is that Hipcamp now lists: camping, glamping, and RVs. There are a lot of interesting glamping and cabin opportunities too. You can even search for the specific activities, amenities, and terrain that you want. For example: lake, beach, forest, river, stream, creek, hot spring, swimming hole, redwoods, desert, cave etc.

Hipcamp promo code

The above picture is from a trip here in Oregon. And yes, that’s Mt Hood in the background! I’ll be posting a full review of that Hipcamp trip soon. It was a pretty epic adventure. It was our first tent camping experience with our two year old. We did yurt camping last summer, and finally decided it was time to get back to regular camping. We weren’t sure how it was going to go -sleep-wise. Yet another awesome reason to find spots on hipcamp. Especially, if you’re worried how your kiddos will do at a crowded and loud campground. :P

So check out my Hipcamp promo code: FBV for $10 off. Full disclosure: You’ll get $10 in Hipcash for your first camping trip and we’ll get $10 credit after you go camping. Then anyone else you refer will get $10, and you’ll get $10 etc. Thanks!

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