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Koala Crate Review: Our Favorite Koala Box Themes So Far

Color Mixing with our Koala Crate supplies

You’ve probably heard of Kiwi Crates, the monthly subscription box STEM activity kit for kids. Koala Crate is for slightly younger kids – age 2-4 years old. The Koala Crate boxes are a bit more art, hands on-on and always come with a little book. The Koala Crate tagline is “Play & Learn” vs Kiwi Crate is “Science art and more”. So far they it appears that they’re taking into account your child’s date of birth that you enter on the sign up page and trying to gear the projects age range. But depending on your child, the kits can either be a hit or a miss. So here is my Koala Crate review and the boxes we’ve gotten so far, what I like and what I don’t like.

We started doing Koala Crates from KiwiCo around 2.5 years old. With activities based around that boxes theme. You can also just buy the boxes as one offs, but the price is much higher that route. Another thing I didn’t realize at first is that the boxes are different based on the customer. It’s not like all kids are getting a “November box” with the theme of rainbows. Your child might get a music theme and mine might get a doctor set. So that differs from how many other subscription boxes work.

Koala Crate space art project - marbled planets painting

Pros of Koala Crate

  • something new to look forward to every month
  • promotes curiosity and learning about new subjects
  • good introduction to games and game play
  • great for those days with toddlers that you really need something to mix it up (I hide the koala crate box when it arrives, so I can use it when I need it!)
  • affordable – these boxes are pretty affordable for what you get. And KiwiCo is always doing promo codes. It’s not a year-round thing for us. But if you had a few kids it would add up quickly.
  • low on waste – I really like that the boxes are cardboard (recyclable or for art projects) and the items in the kits are usually pretty low on waste. Not a ton of plastic, yes a little packaging, but they use a lot of thin wood, paper and cardboard for their projects.
  • DIY Integration into your activities and play – I really like that most of these themes could totally be created in a DIY fashion. The materials are overly expensive and the ideas aren’t that difficult. So you can reuse the pieces to DIY again. For example, we have used the supplies and the ideas from our color mixing kit over and over again. We have also seen some of the projects from friends in Kiwi and Koala crates that we haven’t gotten yet and DIYed some. So I love that they provide resources and ideas that don’t have to be done or only work with their products. Definitely keeps me interested in continuing the kits.

Cons of Koala Crate

  • No ability to change crate theme. I would love it if Koala Crate was a bit more like Stitch Fix in that they would send you an email that says your box is about to ship out and tell you what box it was, and give you the option to instead replace it with 1 or 2 other boxes.
  • Too basic of projects sometimes – I have a very inquisitive child, with an attention span that’s sometimes a little over the top for his age. So, some of the projects feel too baby-ish for him. Yet, he is still too young to just hand him the Koala Crate to do solo, and too young for Kiwi Crate. It would be nice if each crate had both a building and movement component at this age. For example, in the space search kit he enjoyed the art project and me building the space ship. Then it was like ok so I’m putting the stuffed items in and out of the box and?! He still enjoyed the box, but not like the color kit one where there was a building/science and movement component in the game.

Koala Box Themes We’ve Gotten

Space Search Koala Crate

Koala Crate Space search box

Rating: 3/5 Stars. The Space Search Theme box came with a sensory space box and felt shapes, marbled painted planets sticker painting project, and a “Kellan and the Moon” book. The art project was the most fun. We’ll probably recreate that again with other label stickers. The sensory space box kind of missed the boat for us. So this box kind of felt like it needed another project. I think he would have really enjoyed the space box at a much younger age like around 18 months-2 when he was really into transferring and putting things in and taking things out of boxes.

Doctor Visit Koala Crate

Rating: 5/5 Stars. The Doctor Visit box included: a doctor bag, stickers to put on the felt bag, stethoscope, otoscope, 2 felt bandages with velcro, and a checkin card with slide out functions, and a “Kellan to the Rescue” book. This box was a hit! Since there wasn’t a lot of typical projects or art in this box, I was surprised at how fun it ended up being. This kit has been great for role playing and empathy building. He has loved giving all his stuffed animals checkups and asking them if they’re ok etc. We also got it right before his 3 year well visit doctor appointment, so it was a timely theme for us.

Color Mixing Koala Crate

Rating: 5/5 Stars. This was our very first Koala box and it was a huge hit.The Color Mixing theme was by far our favorite and set the bar pretty high! And this was perfect timing for our two year old’s interests and ability. The box included a color mixing kit with plastic beakers, stir stick, and paper dye for some water play; a jingle color dice and felt colored circles for an active game; color memory game cards; and a book. He loved it and still plays with parts of it six months later. We use the beakers and stir stick with food color drops outside in his mud kitchen. Which makes for much easier experimenting for him, since we’re not hovering to make sure water doesn’t go everywhere like inside.

Color Mixing with our Koala Crate supplies

Jungle Fun Koala Crate

Rating: 4/5 Stars. Our third kit was a jungle theme. This box included a jungle tree stacking game with hanging felt animals, card matching and a bag with felt stickers to apply, and a Kellan’s Jungle Adventure book. He really enjoyed the active “building” part of making a jungle tree and hanging the animals up. And I liked the supplies were kind of open ended to play with in different ways. Overall, KiwiCo does a great job with these kits. However, all kids are different and in different learning areas at different ages, so some kits will just be more of a hit than others.

Counting & Numbers Crate

Rating 2/5 Stars. Our second kit wasn’t very interesting to him. It came with some puzzle type number cards and a mouse ramp game. First, I think some of the concepts were just too advanced for where he was at. And also the kit had some counting and tracing things that just didn’t interest him.

Overall, I love having Koala Crate as an extra activity option. We probably wouldn’t do these year round, as summer is pretty busy for being outdoors and adventuring. But especially since we’re not doing preschool this fall and winter, I’m excited to be signed up for a few more of these types of activities to mix things up!

Check out my KiwiCo promo codes page for the latest deals on Koala Crates. Note: we did not receive compensation or free boxes for this Koala Crate review. I wanted to share our honest opinions of the boxes for toddlers and preschoolers. If you purchase through my link, I will get a small affiliate referral.

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