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IKEA Hack LEGO Table: How to DIY a Fun & Simple Duplo Table

Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Flisat DIY Lego table

We purchased the IKEA Flisat table when our little one was almost one year old. He wasn’t walking yet, but really liked standing at things chest-height and working with his hands. Here’s how we turned it into a Duplo LEGO Table, but can still use it as a regular craft table too. This was my first kid play DIY, and still one of my favorite! Here’s how to make your own IKEA hack LEGO table.

There are quite a few IKEA table and desk options for kids. The Flisat table, with a table height of just under 19″, seemed like the one we would get the best value out of. It has a short table top, and removable lids to put TROFAST storage bins in. We also liked the stools that match it, and got one to start. There are several depths of TROFAST bins you can get to fit this table. The more shallow bins will still fit quite a few Duplo LEGO pieces.

Around 18 months I thought he would probably really like to build at the table too. I thought if I could velcro a Lego Duplo baseplate to one of the lids, we could just flip it over when not in use. As he gets older we could swap it out for a LEGO baseplate etc. And of course, I assumed I was not the first genius to have thought of this. Lots of people have done this in different ways. We wanted a simple version, with just one side. Since we have one kid and he would usually always have one side as an open bin with Legos and the other side closed as Lego land for building.

IKEA Hack LEGO Table for Toddlers

What you Need for the Flisat Lego Table:

ikea hack lego table

IKEA LEGO Table Instructions:

1. Line up your baseplate on the plastic bin top and plan out your cuts.

Although LEGO sells their own Lego plates, the aftermarket ones are just as good. And I like that you can get different colors. We chose the green color as it also complemented his barn and other play things as “grass”. There are also grey or pink base plates. And what’s nice about the Strictly Briks LEGO base plates is that they’re 10.5×15 with rounded corners. It already almost fits inside the TROFAST bins and it’s compatible with MegaBlocks too.

2. Draw your cut line on the bottom of the baseplate.

You only need to remove 2 of the corner bumps to get it to fit. You can use a box cutter or exacto knife. I ended up using my super sharp craft scissors. (I’m sure this is a big no-no for crafters, but it worked for me, lol). Remember, even if the corners aren’t totally perfect, you’re not going to notice in a day.

3. After you’ve cut the corner pieces, place the baseplate face down in the bin.

Make sure it all fits totally flat with bin lid on top. (I had to trim up a few spots and also one edge that was a little sharp after cutting.) You can file it down a bit if there are sharp edges before the next step.

4. With the baseplate face down (knobby side in the bin), test putting your lid on the table.

After everything fits, take the lid back off. Peel the poky side of velcro pieces to place on the back of the baseplates. I used about 6 small pieces – four for the corners and two in the middle. You could use gorilla glue, but I’d prefer the option to take the baseplate on and off as needed.

5. Peel off the other softer side of Velcro backing and put the lid on the table.

Press down on lid. Then carefully lift the lid off. Place on floor with baseplate showing and press hard to get the velcro to really stick. As with velcro stuff, follow the instructions and don’t try testing out taking the velcro piece off for 12-24 hours.

6. Fill a bin with Duplos and get building at your new LEGO table!

IKEA Hack lego table and Schleich animals shelf

How we use the Flisat Table:

First he used the table with his Green Toys barn and Schleich farm animals. Then, his short track of IKEA trains as kind of a DIY train table. This table is a great space for toddlers to independently play with open-ended toys. We also use the bins for “sensory” type play activities with rice or kinetic sand as an activity table.

At 3 years old he still uses his DIY LEGO play table on almost a daily basis. I love the independence it allows him. Since we have it facing a wall in our living room, it gives him a sense of privacy, I think. It’s partly his personality, but having a dedicated space where he isn’t being distracted by what others are doing has helped him develop his solo-play skills. He is starting to play independently for longer stretches and I think this table has really helped with that.

This table is now like his toddler office! He spends so much time here. He also has wooden bins underneath for vehicles, one for barn/animals, and one for trains and tracks. The IKEA LUSTIGT mini shelf with ladders, is also a super cute addition. He loves to line up animals and matchbox cars on it. The IKEA TROFAST series also comes with shelving. So you have a few different options for making a Lego table with IKEA Lack tables too. Older kids would probably prefer larger tables, but for the young toddler through preschool years, this setup is versatile and an easy DIY project!

Do you have any Duplo or LEGO storage ideas? Have you made this IKEA hack LEGO table?

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