What to Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas

Last Updated: September 24, 2020

Looking for that perfect gift for your man? Whether he’s a techie, a music buff or a manly man survivalist, you’re going to want to get them all. Let’s make it the 13 days of Christmas!

#1. iSteamphone art
It’s as if Da Vinci dreamed up the iPhone. Ditch the generic Bed, Bath and Beyond art, this original illustration from Kevin Tong will make the perfect addition to your guy’s office.
iSteamphone illustration, $15

#2. Mix Stix
Add some rhythm to the kitchen with these spoons that double as drumsticks. One end is for rocking and the other is for cooking. Seriously.
Mix Stix by Fred, $10

#3. Bear Grylls survival series ultimate knife
We can see it now — Your boyfriend vs. Wild. For all the times your man is adventuring in extreme conditions, this survival knife is sure to keep him alive. Just so long as he doesn’t start sleeping inside animal carcasses or drinking his own pee.
Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, $42

#4. ExOfficio boxer briefs
Don’t fall for the lame boxers adorned with candy canes, Rudolph or Santa. These may be a bit practical but they are perfect for travel and make great stocking stuffers.
ExOfficio boxer briefs, $25

#5. 45 record coasters
“Set the record straight: Drinks do not belong on your furniture.” Rock on, dear coasters. There is finally a man-approved coaster set in town.
45 record coasters, $12

#6. Sensual massage oil
As the Old Spice man would say, “Do you want a man who smells like he can bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built for you with his own hands? Of course you do!” And after he’s done building that dream kitchen, he’ll want a massage. (If the word “sensual” is just way too much commitment, you can always settle for divine calm instead.)
Sensual massage oil $18

#7. iPod building block speaker
A throwback to his childhood, when he likely spent countless hours building Lego empires.
Pod building block speaker,, $20

#8. The Elements book
The photography alone will blow your mind. (With science, get it?) This book is a gorgeous visual representation of the periodic table, and it belongs on every nerd’s coffee table and iPad.
The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, $17

#9. Mini sushi magnets
What’s more romantic than using a piece of tamago to stick a picture of his beautiful girlfriend on the fridge? These miniature pieces of sushi have super strong magnets and are the perfect dose of cool for the manly fridge.
Mini sushi magnets, $7

#10. F1 Go Clean laundry bag
Now he can isolate the stinky when he travels. Just say no to dirty.
F1 Go Clean laundry bag, $24

#11. Vouchers for Naughty Lovers
… or maybe say yes to dirty! The naughty gift that gives 20 times. Give him the whole booklet of coupons or dole them out one at a time.
Vouchers for Naughty Lovers coupon book, knockknock $8

#12. Glitter and Doom album by Tom Waits
Chances are, he has it on his phone, but we bet he doesn’t have it on vinyl.
Glitter and Doom album, $24

#13. Moleskine Music Journal
He may not want to jot down his feelings, but maybe he’d like to log concerts, favorite lyrics and playlist ideas. We see a brilliant mix CD/playlist in your future.
Moleskine Passions Music Journal, $13

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What are you getting your man-friend for Christmas?

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