7 Unironic Hipster Gifts

Last Updated: September 24, 2020

Since they already have everything (and they’ll make a point to let you know they had it before you did), it’s tough to shop for the hipster. The key here is to buy a variation on something they already have so they think it was their idea. So whether you’re looking for ideas on what to get your boyfriend for Christmas or just a casual gift for a casual guy (that you’re totally not dating because you both like to keep things simple), here are a few gift tips.

Things to Buy A Hipster:

#1. Classic Toms shoes – Love is the New Black
A special holiday release means your favorite hipster might be the only one they know with these cool navy colorway Toms. Embrace the “one for one” movement.
TOMS shoes, Love is the New Black Navy Colorway Men’s Classics
, $54

#2. iPhone app magnets
Showing everyone how creative and cool you are? There’s an app for that. These would make a great stocking stuffer for the hipster on your list.
iPhone app magnets, $16

#3. Panama Esmeralda Especial coffee – in a limited edition jar
If there’s one thing hipsters like, it’s coffee. Get a limited edition jar from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This variety of Central American coffee is so elite they roast and ship it just once a week. Can you say exclusive?
Panama Esmeralda Especial Mario Carnaval Limited Edition Jar, $75

#4. Lomography Diana + Parisian Camera
Now they can create their own dreamy, lo-fi masterpieces. Or save the cost of medium format film and processing by getting a lo-fi iPhone app like Format126 or Hipstamatic.
Lomography Diana + Parisian Camera, $65

#5. The Darjeeling Limited
This special edition was released in October 2010 and includes the short film Hotel Chevalier in addition to The Darjeeling Limited. Isn’t Wes Anderson just the best? Yeah, we think so too.
The Darjeeling Limited – The Criterion Collection on Blu-ray, $35

#6. 2010 Scattante Americano One Road Bike – Courier Series
There’s nothing like a fixed gear bike to show you’re legit. This striking machine, from Performance Bike, allows you to ride fixed or free, and no one’s the wiser. Now for that messenger bag…
2010 Scattante Americano One Road Bike – Courier Series, $499

#7. Ion Audio Portable USB Turntable
Now your hipster friend will have a way to turn that vinyl collection into something they can listen to.
Ion Audio Portable USB Turntable, $75

What’s on your wishlist this year?

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