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Etsy Finds: Vintage Jewelry

Last Updated: September 5, 2020

Isn’t Etsy fun?  I love to get some style inspiration from established brands (designer, J.Crew etc) and then hit Etsy for more unique and cheaper options. Personally, I don’t spend over $50 on a piece of jewelry — it’s just not my thing — so Etsy is great fun. I was perusing the latest J.Crew email about the timelessness of vintage jewelry — hand assembled, custom-colored, and one of kind — creating instant heirlooms. As “one of a kind” as shopping at J.Crew is (I’m not trying to hate on J.Crew here, I love them and their super clearance deals) — I think Etsy is a great place to scour for instant heirloom style jewelry. I’ve gathered up some Etsy finds, thrown in some J.Crew jewelry for inspiration and now it’s time to play the guessing game!

1. Jeweled Garland Bracelets: Guess which one is from J.Crew? Which item is $18, $47 and $95? Etsy search tips: garland, bracelet, brass, ribbon, glass, stones.


2. Pearl Cluster Bracelets: Which one is $20, $46 and $78? Etsy search tips: Czech, pearl cluster, brass, gold.


3. Bubble Necklaces: Which one is $45, $58 and $150? Etsy search tips: tiered, glass, stone, bubble, chain, gold.


What’s your favorite Etsy shop for jewelry?

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