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Patagonia Summer Sale: My Top Picks

Last Updated: October 17, 2021

It’s that time of year! The Patagonia Summer Sale with up to 50% off end of season and last seasons colors. So it’s not just summer stuff on sale. I used to ignore this sale because I thought “I’m good! I don’t need any summer gear!” But this is the best time to scoop up winter gear for your kids (and if you need anything, cough cough). So here are my top finds in the Patagonia sale:

Patagonia Sale 2020: Summer Sale for Winter Outdoor Gear

Patagonia Sale: My Top Picks

  1. Ultralight Black Hole Tote Pack – These make the best adventure mama diaper bags. And now just kiddo gear and snack backpack. $44.50 (not sure what colors left at that price!)
  2. Baby/Toddler Reversible Fleece-lined Beanie – we’re on our 3rd year of the 2T-5T size (probably the only Patagonia item I’ll gladly pay full price for.) $17.50
  3. Patagonia Reversible Down “Hoodie” – this is more like a light/midweight jacket – $65 (sizes 3 months to 5T)
  4. Baby Bunting – size up! These are great for winter stroller walks from infant to 18 months $49.50
  5. Girls and Boys Synchilla Snap T Fleece Pullover – size XS is 5T, so could fit a 4 year old just a little big. A great one to buy in advance when you see a pattern you like! $39.50
  6. Trucker Hat – This is one of those items I will never pay full price. There’s always a style on sale. I usually buy Roxy trucker hats, but this one is cute male or female hat. $17.50
  7. Women’s Bivvy Vest – I don’t need a new vest this year. I don’t need a new vest this year. I don’t need a new vest this year. But if I did, this one is super cute. The brown/blue is more my style, but the oyster/blush one is very snow bunny style cute $89.50
  8. Women’s Reversible One Piece swimsuit– I haven’t ever shopped Patagonia for swimwear, but this looks super cute. I would wait for it to go on sale further though. I don’t think it would be possible to get enough use out of this suit living in the PNW. $104.
  9. Women’s Better Sweater – I’ve had this for a year now, and still love it. It’s great for summer nights/camping trips in colder areas, and I even got away with taking it as my only warm item to wear under a raincoat in Norway last September. $69.50
  10. Women’s Barely Everyday Bra – I have had my eye on this style! $33.99
  11. Men’s Puffer Jacket – Patagonia puff jackets last forever. I still don’t have one, but my husband does and he loves it. $195

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