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The Weekender: Sauvie Island, Pump Track, and Hagg Lake Kayaking

Hagg Lake Kayaking

Last Updated: September 11, 2020

Hello hello. I know we’re still in full summer mode, but I’ve been thinking a bit about fall and winter lately. Not only what that’s going to look like, but what I’ll wish I had done this summer, or planned for, or bought before it sold out. Because what a weird time and apparently we all are just robots out buying whatever is next. First they came for the TP, then the bikes, then the camping gear, and kiddie pools, and swingsets, and kayaks and SUPs. What will that look like for fall and winter!? I’ve had some ongoing text threads with friends with our predictions and it’s been cracking me up all week!


Sauvie Island river play – A friend invited us on a last-minute adventure to play at the Columbia River off Suavie Island. Yes. The answer is always yes. :)

Pump Track – We’re loving the little pump track here in Portland at Ventura City Park. A nice way to mix it up during a weekday morning to get out of the neighborhood for a short adventure.

Kayaking at Fairview Lake – We went on a quick kayaking adventure Friday morning to Fairview Lake. It’s the similar size lake south of Blue Lake. It looks mainly for neighborhood use, but there was a tiny little park with two public parking spots. We were the only ones out there. I don’t see us going often, as the lake was pretty murky with silt. From looking online, it’s not too deep. But still didn’t feel as comfortable as water you can see down into, especially when kayaking with a kiddo! Note: I also drove past Blue Lake park on the way home. And they have a sign that says “NO Personal Watercraft!”. Uhhh, what’s that about? So I’m glad I know that, as it would be a bummer to be all packed up and getting there to find out you can’t kayak unless you’re renting one of theirs?

Kayaking at Henry Hagg Lake – With a 100 degree weekend, we decided to finally check out Hagg Lake. I’ve heard all kinds of things about this lake being crowded and dirty. We were there from about 10:30a to 1:30p and it was definitely filling up! But overall, it was a fun time, just blazing hot with not a lot of shade. It’s a huge lake, with so many water access points. Even though the beach area by the parking lot was full, we just kept walking until we found a nice little emptier cove. It was a bit of a drive though, since it’s past Forest Grove.


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‘Traffic Gardens’ Bloom in Portland – I loved seeing this post on BikePortland about local activists and PE teachers creating traffic “gardens” in unused school parking lots around Portland. It reminded me of the traffic playground park in Copenhagen, and what a cool idea to be using the space for kids to play and learn.

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Burton Riglet Kids Snowboard – I stumbled across this kids board from Burton and then found it closeout from a board shop here in Portland (that I didn’t realize was here! Tactics) Looks like I got one of the last ones though. So hooray for deals and last seasons color at a nice discount. (2021 boards are $105) I’m excited about this board as it can be used both indoor and outdoor, so carpet, grass, snow, sand. And while you could get bindings and boots to attach (we won’t be), it’s more about balance and introducing boarding with play. He’ll get a few years of use of this!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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