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The Weekender: Trillium Lake SUP, Swan Island, Forest Park

Trillium Lake SUP Swan Island kayak

Last Updated: September 14, 2020

Four weeks of summer left folks! The garden is going wild finally with tomatoes and it’s around this time every year that I tend to start neglecting the garden in favor of adventures (like Trillium Lake SUP and kayaking midweek). Luckily, tomatoes tend to thrive with a little neglect. And I got my first tiny watermelon start! How cute is that baby melon! Fingers crossed a squirrel doesn’t take it. Here’s what the week has held…


Trillium Lake SUP & Kayak – After renting a kayak last summer at Trillium lake, I’ve been wanting to get back up there! We made it happen on a weekday and it did not disappoint! Kayak all the lakes!

Swan Island River play – Swan Island is a pretty industrial area of Portland, but there’s a bit of a beach! We had an impromptu after-work distanced happy hour this week. A friend was trying out their new SUP, so we took our Oru kayak. Oh summer, stay forever!

Forest Park Hiking – Forest park is one of the easiest and closest toddler hikes (or bikes). Especially the wider lanes – pretty much any “fire lane” road or Leif Erikson.


This week on Frugal Bon Vivant…

Oru Kayak Review: Why I Love a Foldable Kayak with Kids – Hey look, I finally finished this post about the Oru kayak. Phew! Pros, cons, why I picked the Inlet, handling on lakes and rivers, and price per use.

Kids Winter Clothes: Best Gear for Exploring Fall to Spring – news flash it’s still summer! But now is the best time to do a quick inventory of your outdoor gear for this coming fall, winter, and spring. Here’s what you need if you live somewhere with seasons.

My First Backpacking Trip with a Toddler: Mirror Lake Camping – recap of my backpacking trip with a two year old (almost 3!) from last month.


Trevor Noah DNC Episode – as always, love his take.


H&M Toddler rain pants & puff vest – As I mentioned in my winter wear post this week, it’s time to snag deals on cold weather gear! I did a little inventory and we really only needed rain pants and trying a puffy vest again this year after none last season. They also had a 20% off promo code, so check for the latest!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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