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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall – The Weekender

Sandy river, rain, biking

Last Updated: September 23, 2020

Tuesday marks the first day of fall, and for once I’m ready for it. After over a week of bad air quality in Portland (and by bad I mean in the 400-500s, literally off the charts) and being stuck indoors, it was a relief to get outside this weekend. We talked about some fall bucket list ideas. And I made our favorite banana bread. But mainly we’re excited about getting back outdoors and breathing in some fresh air. Hard to imagine that this last week was the hardest of the year. Early days of pandemic we were at least outside in Oregon!


Breathing fresh air in the neighborhood again – what an adventure it felt like to venture out on Friday back onto neighborhood streets. My almost three year old was exclaiming a never-ending “wahoo!” as he cruised through puddles in the rain on his balance bike.

Sandy River and sunshine – we stopped at the Sandy river for some water play this weekend. It felt pretty spectacular to be released back into the wild. Even for a short and simple day trip.


This week on Frugal Bon Vivant…

Summer Books for Preschoolers – 9 Favorites Right Now – a farewell to the season with our favorite books from this summer!

19 Best Mud Kitchen Accessories For Open-Ended Play – a look at our favorite mud kitchen accessories. And how we outfitted our mud kitchen on the cheap with thrift store finds and unique things.


How Climate Migration Will Reshape America – such a fascinating look on how climate change might impact where we’re living and how it already is.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion of Gender Equality – NPR did a good job of documenting RBGs contributions to modern American life.


Koala Crate – we opened one of our Koala Crates, since we were stuck inside all week. It was a theme that ended up being quite a hit – Doctor! Super cute. Latest KiwiCo promo codes here.

Magnatiles Metropolis set – we also borrowed some Magna Tiles from friends to pass the time this week. This set is so cool for house building and fun creations. Looking forward to getting magna tiles soon! Just waiting for a toy sale to come, haha!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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