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Summer Books for Preschoolers – 9 Favorites Right Now

Last Updated: March 10, 2022

My first thought when I think of summer books is seasons! And while many books that follow the seasons have some summer fun too, some of our favorite summer books are about all the new and exciting things we love about summer – gardening, being outside, camping, bugs, ice cream!, the beach, biking, harvest food and more. As the season comes to an end, here are nine of our favorites from this summer, if you’re looking for summer books for preschoolers or toddlers.

summer books for preschoolers, books about gardening, outdoors, bugs, ice cream, the beach, biking, harvest food and more

Summer Books for Preschoolers & Toddlers:

Mama, Is it Summer Yet? – by Nikki McClure – I have a feeling I’ll be hearing this question a lot in spring. “Mama, is it summer yet?” I’m a Nikki McClure fan, so when I saw this book I was immediately excited to check it out. I love the changing of the seasons and little details of how we shift more of our every day life to outside and adventures during the summer months.
Powell’s, Amazon $8

Summer – by Gerda Muller – We love every book in this seasonal series! Sometimes a picture book without words can feel daunting, as a parent. Although I don’t feel that way about these books. It’s an interesting experiment to talk about what you see. Great for imagination and storytelling. And they’re beautifully illustrated. They also come as a seasonal set.
Powell’s $10, Amazon $10

Some Bugs – by Angela DiTerlizzi, Bugs by Brendan Wenzel – We got this book around 18 months old, when our little one started calling every insect a bee. Bee! Bee! While the illustrations aren’t all exactly true to real life, they’re fun. It’s close enough and helped us develop some language around bugs. I also really liked that it talks all about bugs and looking down close in your backyard. This is one of our favorite books about bugs. I’m not super into bugs, and I’m hoping to pass on a slightly more open-minded view of bugs to my kiddo. This book has helped so far. There’s also a board book version.
Powell’s $18 Amazon $14

Everything You Need for a Treehouse – by Carter Higgins, Illustrated by Emily Hughes – This book is beautiful and imaginative. Each page features a whimsical treehouse with adventures and supplies and fun. The text is very lyrical so sometimes at first it reads a little different. My almost three year old can dream and ask questions for ages on this one. Gearing up to make a treehouse next summer! Buy yourself some time with reading this book and designing a rad treehouse!
Powell’s ($9 used), Amazon $14

Up, Down, and Around – by Katherine Ayres – Another gardening type summer book, Up, Down, and Around is all about the movement of plants. Something we take for granted sometimes as grown-ups is our lived experience of how food and plants work. You might not have thought to talk to your kids yet about how different plants grow. I found it fun to read and talk about veggies that we already can identify. But showing how they grow – up or down! This book has a great rhythm to it.
Powell’s $11.50 (used) , Amazon $18

Bike on Bear – by Cynthea Liu, Illustrated by Kristyna Litten – We’ve had this one on our favorites list for over a year. It’s come back around a few times as a daily read. Yep, I have it memorized. It’s a great summer read since we do more biking in summer time. What I love about this book is the growth mindset frame of mind. Bear can do practically anything… except ride a bike. So he just keeps trying. It’s pretty cute to hear a two-year-old recite some of the lines in everyday life.
Powell’s $12.50 (used), Amazon $18

The Littlest Family’s Big Day – by Emily Winfield Martin – We just received this one, in the Powell’s BOOX subscription box for kids (here’s what I thought about our first box). This book is so cute! It’s by the same author/illustrator Emily Martin of The Wonderful Things You Will Be. So it’s beautifully illustrated and so many adorable details of summer and adventure. And one of the last scenes of campfires and singing and roasting marshmallows is the most precious thing ever. There’s also a board book version, which we haven’t read, but might be a good option for younger toddlers and babies.
Powell’s $8 (used), Amazon $14

Before We Eat: From Farm to Table – by Pat Brission, Illustrated by Mary Azarian – What I love about this book is how it helps kids connect with where their food comes from. We garden in the summertime. That helps somewhat. This book shows how food comes all the way from the farm and field to your table. And all the people doing their part to get it there. The whole community who make it happen. This is a great late summer book, as you think about harvesting season.
Powell’s $18, Amazon $14

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn – by Kenard Pak – Fittingly, this book is partly a goodbye to summer and all the things late summer has to offer. And a hello to autumn. With a couple weeks left of summer, this book is perfect for our transition to fall and all the fun things we can appreciate about a new season.
Powell’s, Amazon $15

Other summer books, that we have on our list for next year:

What are your favorite books about summer for preschoolers?
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