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My [Heavy] Heart is in Oregon: The Weekender

oregon wildfire smoke

Last Updated: September 13, 2020

We’re currently experiencing some unprecedented wildfires and smoke on the West coast. First, it was in California, now Oregon is ablaze. Land that I love. My heart is pretty heavy this weekend. I am feeling incredibly grateful that we are still in our home. Yes, our air quality is terrible and AQI is off the charts. But our house is still standing and we’re not being evacuated. And I’m also feeling relieved that I decided to not go camping on Monday, which is the route that one of the many fires took.

Ways to help:

  1. Donate to Keep Oregon Green (wildfire prevention)
  2. A list of Mutual Aid Fire Relief groups, there’s a whole section on Oregon. This is a way to help other than just the text Red Cross option. (Note: there’s a need for more than one avenue of helping). What is Mutual Aid? “In systems of mutual aid, communities take on the responsibility for caring for one another, rather than forcing individuals to fend for themselves.” So kind of like how some churches have often had branches of helping and free assistance for communities.
  3. Vote for leaders and decision-makers who will help fight climate change. I came across this interesting article from last fall about being closer to a wildfire making people vote greener. “Voters who lived within 15km (nine miles) of a recent wildfire were four to six percentage points more likely to support pro-climate initiatives than those living 35-40km away. Each additional 10km reduced environmental zeal by around 1.7 percentage points, on average.”


This week on Frugal Bon Vivant…

Fall Bucket List Ideas for Kids & Printable! – only a week left until fall and wet weather can’t get here soon enough in Oregon. Here’s my seasonal bucket list and a printable.

Best Baby Winter Gear: How to Keep Baby Warm from 0-18 Months – A followup post to my kids/preschooler winter gear post from a couple weeks ago. Best gear we used when our little guy was a baby for still getting outdoors in all weather.


Oregon’s historic wildfires: unusual but not unprecedented – Interested read from The Oregonian about the history of wildfires and forest management that Oregon struggles with.


Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier – this is the air purifier we got after the fires in 2017, when I was pregnant, we didn’t have a/c and ended up having to stay in a hotel for a couple nights since I couldn’t breathe. They’re normally in the $175-200 range, and currently sold out. But when they come back in stock I do recommend it for next time. Cuz there’s definitely gonna be a next time. Note: sometimes buying the cheapest air purifier isn’t the best option (if you have a choice). Instead think about the price per year of use or 5 years. Both in how much the replacement filters cost and last, and how much electricity it uses.

Hug the ones you love!

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