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The Weekender: Suttle Lake and Scout Lake Adventures

Scout Lake kayaking and Suttle Lake Camping

Last Updated: December 29, 2021

This week started out on a high note – camping at Suttle Lake and playing at Scout Lake near Central Oregon. The rest of the week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. As I mentioned over on Instagram this week, with a pic of our mud kitchen, “Lest our ‘grams make you think we’re always adventuring. We’re not.” 🤣

It seems like every parent I know is grappling with what school and childcare will look like this year. At least our little one isn’t starting real school yet. But I’m a little bummed he won’t get to try preschool this fall. And that I won’t get a break to myself. It’s like a grief of loss of being able to pursue things for yourself, but also relief that we can manage on one income this year, and guilt that you feel bad about it and and and…

Hoping all the parents and teachers can come to a decision that they feel good about or at least can accept. 🙏


Camping at Suttle Lake and playing at nearby Scout Lake – We took a two night camping trip down to Suttle Lake near Black Butte and Sisters, Oregon. This was my favorite camping trip yet this summer. Such a nice reset and unplug being in the woods and lake side. Scout Lake was perfect for playing in the water. After paddling around my Oru kayak, I traded up to paddling giant logs around. So fun and ridiculous!

Sandy River water play & Sugar Pine Drive-In Ice Cream – Thursday called for some morning rain and a high of 66°. I knew it would be the perfect morning to go play at the river. We had the whole waterfront at Glenn Otto park to ourselves, pretty much the entire time. Thanks weather gods!

Tualatin River kayaking – We’ve been having a pretty chill at-home weekend. But snuck over to Cook Park in Tigard for some kayaking this morning. It wasn’t too busy, since it was early. The water is really calm, so lots of SUPs and families out playing. There wasn’t really a beachy spot (where we were at in the park, anyway) for kiddos to play at. So it was fun for kayaking up and down river versus water play.


This week on Frugal Bon Vivant…

How to Go Hiking and Camping During COVID, Safely! – 17 tips to keep hiking and camping this summer. Since I’ve been asked a few times how I feel about camping in this time of COVID-19. I wrote out my tips for doing it safely and with kiddos.

KiwiCo Promo Code: 30% Off A Box – there’s always some random promo code up for Kiwi boxes. I decided to keep track of the latest ones on this post. And I already signed us up for a subscription to auto-start in the fall. This will be a nice addition to more indoor time. Especially since we made the decision to not send him to preschool this September. (*mama sheds a tear*)

Fort Stevens Camping and Kayaking – I wrote about our one-nighter camping trip to Fort Stevens from couple weeks ago. A little about the state park, travelogue of our trip, and about the fresh water lake Coffenbury Lake that is great for kayaking water play. Even though Ft Stevens is on the ocean, the lake and surrounding area is also super fun too.

Powell’s BOOX Review: Subscription Book Box for Kids – I tried out the subscription book box from Powell’s. Here’s a review/unboxing of our first box. And I tried out doing a video too. So my first video post where you can hear me try to say the tongue twister that is the Powells BOOX Box. ha!


Run for Rivs – A friend shared a GoFundMe last month that I recognized the name and wasn’t sure why. Tommy “Rivs” Puzey is an elite ultrarunner battling a rare form of cancer, and currently in ICU in Arizona. Turns out, I went to the same high school as some of his older siblings for a couple of years. I didn’t know them well, but as my sis said, they were kind and they were fast! So I’ve been following along with the news updates on Instagram from Jacob Puzey (Rivs brother) and Steph (Riv’s wife) on Instagram.

“Life is good until it isn’t, and it is in these moments we learn how to love. From the depth of sorrow sprouts a beautiful truth: we are not alone in pain. We are a network- roots connected in sadness and growing out of darkness towards the light.”


Oregon’s Fight for To-Go Cocktails, Explained – I really appreciated this coverage written about the OLCC and our laws here in Portland that currently prohibit to-go alcohol sales. It was a good explainer and interview with Rum Club bartender, Micah Anderson. I’ve been having conversations with friends all summer about how we would love to be supporting our local neighborhood bars by purchasing to-go drinks. Obviously, we can make cocktails at home! But I would really like to have a few our favorite neighborhood bars still existing when this is all over. As a new mom, being about to meet up even once a month with two other mama friends, walking distance from home, was such a supportive thing. So I messaged my district rep in Portland. Hopefully the bill that is being introduced by Rob Nosse can get support!

The End of Policing – I just started this ebook after reading an interview with the author, Alex S Vitale. Super fascinating and I’m curious how deep the book goes in explaining and providing ideas. Vs what was covered in the interview about explaining the problem. “The problem is not police training, police diversity, or police methods. The problem is the dramatic and unprecedented expansion and intensity of policing in the last forty years, a fundamental shift in the role of police in society. The problem is policing itself.” I’ll let you know in a future update.


Stanley Jr Wooden Truck DIY Slingshot Kit – $15 – These Stanley Jr vehicle building projects are super fun for kiddos. I found the crane kit one this spring from Michael’s Crafts. Our 2.5 year old loved it. He’s not old enough to do the project solo. But at now almost three, building this slingshot truck was a great activity and learning experience to work on together. I have my eye on a few of these to see if they go on sale more. I know he would love the concrete mixer truck too since he’s so into construction vehicles right now.

ENO Camping Hammock DoubleNest – $100 (with hanging straps too) – I have wanted one for a while. But was like ehh, I don’t need need one. And then a couple hours before hitting the road to go camping last weekend, I decided I wanted to be swinging in a hammock at our campsite, lolol. So I ordered it REI Curbside Pickup at a location just out of town, in the direction we were headed. We pulled up, waited 5 minutes and they brought it. There was a line of people waiting to just get into the building! So all that to say… this hammock is THE BEST! And REI Curbside Pickup is super cool! I may never go in a store again. (But I do really miss wandering the aisles of Target late in the evening while grocery shopping solo). :P

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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