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10 Things That Make Me Happy

Last Updated: September 21, 2020

I was a huge fan of Domino magazine — sadly no longer with us. My favorite part of the magazine was the back page feature called “10 Things That Make Me Happy.”  It inspired me to start 10 things lists on my personal blog a couple of years ago. And while it might seem frivolous to list a bunch of stuff that you love, it’s a great reminder to be positive and thankful. So without further ado, here are 10 things that make me happy.

who: The Frugal Bon Vivant
where: Portland, Oregon

tuna-nicoise-sandwich cabin-oregon mia-outlaw-boots Print pastis-prado

1. tuna niçoise sandwich – One bite of this sandwich takes me straight back to France. I found this recipe in a recent Everyday Food magazine, and it’s become a weekly summer meal! about $10 everyday food

2. yurt and cabin camping – You don’t have to go to Mongolia to get in on the yurt action. Cheaper than a hotel and easier than tent camping — I would vote Oregon campgrounds as some of the best facilities. from $27 reserve america

3. mia outlaw boots – I snagged these at The Rack for quite a deal! I’m mentally ready for fall now. $130

4. bicycle print – I discovered this print at Flatstock Seattle during Bumbershoot this year. It’s so colorful and happy! love, love, love! $25 strawberryluna

5. le perroquet – It’s summer in a glass! (1 part pastis, 1/2 part mint syrup, 5 parts water) Diabolo menthe is also excellent (just water and mint syrup). $8.99 amazon

sexy-boot-jeans-1969gap purple-atomizer oia-santorini-greece br-scarf pete-yorn-scarlett-johansson-break-up

6. gap 1969 sexy boot jeans – I previously had a long-standing commitment to J.Crew hipslung jeans — and then they dumped that line of jeans! So after six months of wearing ratty jeans, I checked out Gap’s redesign and I’m happy to report that I’m a new convert! from $59.50 gap

7. atomizer – I don’t carry cosmetics in my purse, (and my style has never been too girly-girl) but I simply adore these mini atomizers. They’re perfect for traveling. I have sparkly gold for my L’Occitane perfume and purple for rose water. $10 sephora

8. greece – Last year at this time, I was in Greece. September is the perfect time to visit — shoulder season, but still great weather. $cheaper than you think! travelocity

9. scarves – Granted, scarves aren’t a new style statement, but holy hell I love them! I was only so-so about scarves, until I went traveling and now scarves are my thing. I go in practically any store and make a bee-line for the scarves. I got most of mine in Turkey, but banana republic has cute ones lately.

10. pete yorn & scarlett johansson – I’ve found my fall soundtrack. I was initially skeptical of this album, but ended up loving it. $7.99 amazon

You’re next. What’s on your list?

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