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Leo the Truck Coloring Page: Color Leo, Lifty, and Scoop!

Last Updated: February 26, 2022

Leo the Truck is a children’s cartoon, featuring an animated truck that builds things. Leo the Inquisitive Truck is on Prime Video and YouTube. Leo the Truck builds all kinds of different vehicles and objects in very short – 4 or 5 minute – episodes. Kiddos that are into building and vehicles, will love Leo the Truck. We even ended up doing a Leo the Truck birthday party and scavenger hunt for our son’s third birthday. So here are all the Leo the Truck coloring pages that we could find, including Leo the Truck coloring page, Lifty, and Scoop!

Leo the Truck Coloring Pages

There are not a lot of Leo the Truck toys or things to buy. However, we did find the following coloring sheets on Facebook for the show. Enjoy! Leo the Inquisitive Truck is the main character of the show, Leo the Truck. In the first season, Leo looked a little bit different, and at the end of the season he builds Leo Jr. so season 2 sees Leo Jr building and the whole show gets a bit more polished in the second season and beyond.

Leo the Truck coloring page
Leo the Truck
leo the truck coloring pages
Leo the Truck

Lifty & Scoop Coloring Pages

Lifty Coloring Page

Lifty is Leo the Truck’s friend and is introduced in season 2, in episode 6: Lifty – Leo the Truck Builds Lifty the Forklift. “Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is building us Lifty! Lifty is the name of his new forklift truck friend! Lifty will lift things onto Leo’s back and help him in his work! Come and see how Lifty is built! It’s always Fun when Leo Junior is about! Come and meet Lifty!”

Lifty coloring page from Leo the Truck
Lifty from Leo the Truck


Scoop is Leo’s excavator friend, who he builds in Season 2, Episode 19: Scoop. “Leo has a new friend called Skoop! Skoop is an Excavator but very small! Do you want to see what Skoop can do?”

Scoop coloring sheet from Leo the Truck show
Scoop from Leo the Truck
Leo the truck craft printable
Leo the Truck maze

Happy coloring! And check out our Leo the Truck scavenger hunt and birthday party post for more Leo the Truck coloring page inspiration!

leo scavenger hunt coloring pages

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