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Strava Promo Code: 25% Off 1 Year of Strava Premium

Last Updated: March 11, 2023

Strava is one of the top tracking apps for runners and cyclists. You can track runs, bike rides, or other fitness activities with the Strava app on your phone or a smart watch like the Apple Watch or Garmin. There are of course routes, maps, segments, and social and competitive aspects to the app as well. Best of all, it’s free for the basic features of activity recording! The subscription version is feature packed for those that love that side of activity tracking or if you’re a bit more on the athlete side of fitness and need more of these metrics. So here’s the latest Strava promo code info.

Latest Strava Promo Code: STRAVA2023 for 25% off 1 Year Strava Premium! – ends Dec 31.

Other recent Strava Coupon Codes:

  • STRAVA2023 – 25% off Strava Premium – ends Dec 31, 2022.
  • ONTHERUN – 9% off Strava Premium subscription ($59.99 – $5.40 = $54.59/year)
  • Strava Free Trial – Strava offers a Free 30 Day Trial
  • Free 60 Day Trial from Wahoo

Strava Free Trial

Strava offers a free 30-60 day trial. You can do the trial more than one time, but it has to have been a while (I think at least a year), and you can’t have a current paid account. Strava also offers free trials in partnership with certain device purchases from: Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Peloton, and more. Signing up for their email and social channels is also a great way to find out about promos.

Strava Free vs Subscription Features:

With the free version of Strava you can record activities, get support, add friends, comment, like etc (social network), and use the beacon option on your phone.

Strava Freemium vs Strava Premium features

I have used both the free and subscription options. And while the Premium features are super fun, most months out of the year, I don’t need this level of tracking. I originally moved over from Nike+ Running, so that part is very similar. I like to be able to track my runs and bike rides and see a map of where I want and the basic stats like pace, time, elevation etc. I also use Strava to track hikes, kayaking (with my Oru) and stand up paddleboarding (with my ISLE SUP), and sometimes yoga. And for the last year, I’ve used the Strava app on my Apple Watch, which is really convenient and easy to start and stop activities.

Happy fitness tracking! Check out the other latest promo codes.

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